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7 Examples of Omnichannel Marketing

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Omnichannel is a marketing technique that integrates everything a firm knows about a customer across channels such as web, mobile apps, locations, telephone and automation such as bank machines. Multi-channel marketing is nothing new but the difference with omnichannel is the total integration of customer data. This complete and broad integration is commonly referred to as zero drop rate. The following are illustrative examples of omnichannel marketing.


When a customer walks into a bank, associates can see that a customer clicked on one of the bank's advertisements for a special offer on mortgage rates. When the customer mentions it, the representative already has the details of the offer in front of them. This can be done in the context of thousands of different marketing offers for mortgages as it is based on the exact content the customer has viewed.


A customer can scan a page in a catalog to bring up the product in the brand's app. When the customer visits a location, representatives can see a list of products that the customer has recently expressed interest in.

Personalized Service

A customer calls an airline to complain about poor customer service. A customer service representative named Lucy apologizes and gives the customer miles on her loyalty card. The representative says that if the customer installs the airline's app, she need only press chat and messages will go directly to her next time she has a problem. The customer installs the app. On the train ride to her next flight she presses the chat button. She gets a hello from Lucy and asks if there is any chance for an upgrade. Lucy says that she can upgrade for the price of the miles she was awarded in their last interaction.


When a customer visits a shoe store representatives can order things through the ecommerce channel if they are out of stock.


When a customer leaves an auto dealer after a test drive they start to get ads for the car across a variety of digital channels.

Customer Preferences

A customer requests extra hard pillows from a hotel chain once and gets the hard pillows every time they check in to any location from that point forward. They go to the website or app and can see the preference for hard pillows in their profile.


Negotiations for a car fail to close. When the customer visits another location to negotiate anew, the salesperson can see the quotes from the first negotiation. They offer the customer a slightly better deal to give them a win.
Overview: Omnichannel
Complete integration of all that is known about a customer across channels in order to improve customer experience and sales.
Omnichannel marketing can go too far to the point that customers think you are creepy for watching them too closely. Good taste in using data to improve experiences is helpful.
Compliance with privacy regulations.
Giving customers an option not to be monitored is a good practice.
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