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What is Emergent Design?

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Emergent design is a design that is constructed as it evolves as opposed to the usual upfront process of design. For example, a game may provide a virtual universe for players to explore and build out with provided tools. Such player created designs are shared amongst all users and a culture evolves within the game.
Designing things as you go isn't appropriate for all design disciplines. In areas such as architecture and transportation safety concerns demand a rigorous design that is planned and validated in advance. In most cases, emergent design is used to engage customers with tools that let them add to a design. Emergent design can also be used by a team of professional designers to build things out as needed.
Overview: Emergent Design
Design Thinking
Design Processes
A design that evolves according to need or the creative input of a community.
Engaging communities
Creating a culture as opposed to a top-down design
Building things that are far too large to build without participation of users
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