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Performance Management

5 Types of Self-Evaluation

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A self-evaluation is the process of formally evaluating your own performance. This can be used to communicate your value to others and as a basis for self-improvement. The following are common types of self-evaluation.

Performance Management

Performance management is the process of establishing objectives for a year or quarter and then reviewing your performance against those objectives at the end of the period. It is common for employees to be asked to self-evaluate themselves as part of the process. This is compared to the evaluation of your managers and other inputs such as feedback from peers in a performance management review session. Both your self-appraisal and the appraisal of your manager are documented and retained. In most cases, your manager's review is used for purposes such as incentives, consideration for promotion or disciplinary actions. Your review is retained as documentation of your agreement or disagreement with your manager's review. In this context, a self-assessment is often a pitch for a good review that highlights your accomplishments and states room for improvement in a positive light.


Interview questions often ask candidates to self-evaluate their contributions to strategies, projects and goals such as revenue.

Skills Assessment

Many firms maintain a skills inventory that documents the abilities and knowledge of employees. This is often based on a self-evaluation with a manager asked to review and approve.

Training & Mentoring

Training and mentoring activities often involve a self-evaluation of knowledge, skills or performance. For example, a trainer may ask participants to self-evaluate their knowledge of a topic before and after training.

Personal Goals

A self-evaluation against personal goals such as improving your time management or public speaking skills.
Overview: Self-Evaluation
The process of formally evaluating your own performance.
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