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15 Examples of Personalization

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Personalization is the tailoring of experiences, information, user interfaces, functionality, designs and items for customers. The following are illustrative examples.


Skilled customer service representatives at a luxury hotel adapt their style to each customer. If a customer seems to enjoy conversation, they might tell them a short humorous story. If a customer appears to value their privacy and space, they maintain a professional distance.


A social media platform tailors a content stream using data such as customer interests and social connections.


A food company allows customers to design their own breakfast cereal.


An airline allows customers to create playlists for music and movies that are available on each flight.

Mass Customization

A vehicle manufacturer partners with auto customization and electronics companies to offer a large catalog of factory and dealership installed options on certain models.

Design Tools

A footwear company allows users to design their own shoes from a selection of base models. For example, the customer can use their own art as a pattern.


A customer who mostly orders organic food is shown mostly promotions for organic food on an ecommerce site.


A cosmetics company offers over 50 variations of base makeup for different skin tones and customer preferences.


A tailor views a suit as a professional consultation whereby customers can inquire about traditions and current trends. Each item is handcrafted to customer specifications.

Haute Couture

A dressmaker views a dress as a creative work that uniquely suits an individual and occasion.


A game developer allows customers to extend its games with mods.

Interchangeable Parts

A mobile device is designed to be constructed by customers using swappable components.

Printing & 3D Printing

Allowing things to be created by customers such as a t-shirt printed from a customer design.

Customer Relationships

A bed & breakfast posts a welcome sign for each customer in the lobby. When a particular customer arrives, they find a welcome gift of local figs in their room. The customer had mentioned they enjoyed the figs at breakfast on their last visit.

Customer Needs

A boutique hotel offers rooms with special features for families with young children such as toys, cribs, colorful interiors, safety features for babies and diaper disposal.
Overview: Personalization
The tailoring of experiences, information, user interfaces, functionality, designs and items for customers.
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