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Change Management vs Change Managemen

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Change management is commonly used to describe two very different practices: an administrative process of controlling change and the leadership practice of communicating and motivating teams to achieve change.

Change Management as Administration

The administrative process of change management is used by operations and information technology teams to control change to processes, systems, technologies and documents. This typically includes submission, review, approval, planning, implementation and post implementation review of changes.

Project Change Management

Project change management is a project management practice that controls scope creep with a process for submitting, reviewing, prioritizing, planning and scheduling changes to a project in flight.

Change Management as Leadership

The term change management is also commonly used to describe the practice of leading change at the executive level. This is associated with major changes such as programs and large projects that expect some degree of resistance to change. In this context, change management is primarily a communication and performance management process that seeks to boost employee motivation and support for change. Leaders communicate the urgent business drivers for change and ask for feedback and support. Concerns are discussed and employee feedback incorporated into the initiative. Leaders may also work to support those who drive change and sideline those who resist it.
Overview: Change Management
Definition (1)
An administrative process for submitting, reviewing, approving, scheduling, implementing and reviewing change requests.
Definition (2)
The practice of managing change to a project to prevent uncontrolled change such as scope creep.
Definition (3)
The practice of leading programs of change at the executive level focused on communication and performance management.
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