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12 Examples of Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management is the practice of leading major change to an organization. This is an executive leadership function that requires significant authority. The following are illustrative examples of organizational change management.

Change Strategy

Change strategy is the development of a strategic approach to change. This should not be confused with your business strategy.
Bottom Up
Competitive Advantage
Competitive Parity
Emergent Change
Last Responsible Moment
No Change
Planned Change
Proactive Change
Reactive Change
Top Down
The change strategies above are each explained here.

Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is a central theme of change management whereby it is common for a large number of people to actively or passively try to derail a major change. This relates to defence of the status quo and internal politics such as a manager who automatically attacks any change they perceive as originating with a rival.

Change Communication

Change communication is the process of communicating change to achieve buy-in. This is very much a process of selling change by communicating the competitive pressures that create an urgent need.

Stakeholder Identification

The process of identifying individuals with a stake in a change. The classic error of change management is to try to sneak in a change with a small number of stakeholders. Such a strategy allows anyone with a legitimate interest in the project to derail your project at any time by pointing out that they haven't been consulted or that you're missing an entire element of change.

Stakeholder Management

The process of communicating with stakeholders, managing their expectations and making sure that they are properly engaged.

Clearing Issues

Stepping in and using authority to quickly make decisions and clear issues.


The process of communicating expectations and performance feedback. Change management requires candor and immediate handling of any problems.


The process of sidelining anyone who is standing in the way of a change. Organizational change management requires support at the top of an organization such that anyone can be sidelined.

Agents of Change

Working to empower those who are driving the change forward. For example, those who are sidelined are quickly replaced with agents of change.

Performance Management

The formal process of evaluating performance related to a change. It is common for a major change to result in a shift in the power structure of an organization as agents of change may receive formal promotions.


The process of rethinking and restructuring failing initiatives of change.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned is the practice of capturing knowledge at the end of change, including approaches that worked and those that failed.
Overview: Organizational Change Management
The practice of leading major change to an organization.
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