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15 Examples of Project Change Management

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Project change management is the process of leading change in the context of a project. Project management is too often viewed as a purely systematic process of planning, scheduling and implementing. In reality, projects are a social process of people working together towards common objectives. As such, projects require leadership that can influence and motivate people. The following are common examples of project change management.

Strategy Validation

Sanity checks such as "Does this project have any chance of achieving its current objectives?" It is the responsibility of project leaders such as sponsors to stop a project that is doomed.

Communication Planning

Designing communications to sell the project to stakeholders. Some stakeholders may have a tendency to resist change and may seek to derail a project they don't buy into.

Mission & Vision

Make the urgency of the project clear by explaining the competitive pressures the firm faces. Paint an a compelling picture of the future and explain how the project gets you there.


Some leaders are able to make communications interesting and compelling using storytelling techniques. This is a good example of why change management isn't a process or system but a leadership capability.


Engage stakeholders early and often. Involve them in strategy and planning. People are less likely to resist things when they have been consulted.

Set Expectations

Set expectations at the leadership level. For example, make it clear that concerns will be noted but that everyone is expected to fulfill their role with appropriate levels of diligence.

Manage Expectations

Make it clear what the project will and will not deliver.

Objection Handling

Anticipate objections and handle them.

Risk Management

Take stakeholder concerns seriously by managing them as risks.

Knowledge Sharing

Continue the momentum of communications throughout the project with initiatives such as knowledge sharing.

Organizational Culture

Work to improve your organizational culture such as your norms, habits and expectations.

Clear Issues

Clear issues and continually identify and reduce risks to the project.

Performance Management

Tell people immediately if they aren't performing so that they have chance to correct.

Agents of Change

Support and reward those who actively move the project forward.


Structure the project for regular milestones and releases that get something out the door. Celebrate successes small and large.
Overview: Project Change Management
Leadership of projects.
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