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35 Examples of Market Research Analysis

Market research analysis is the practice of using rigorous qualitative and qualitative methods to develop actionable understanding of customers, competitors, markets and market forces. This can involve the acquisition and use of primary data such as customer interviews and internal databases. Market research analysis may also leverage third party data sources and reports. Common deliverables include forecasts, metric calculations, dashboards, automated reports, ad-hoc reports and recommendations. The following are common examples of market research analysis work.
Collect data about customers, competitors and markets.
Design of surveys.
Perform market SWOT analysis based on data.
Craft reports.
Capture and analyze data from digital advertising platforms.
Apply valid and rigorous statistical methods.
Deliver competitive analysis and recommendations.
Competitive pricing analysis.
Analysis of market offerings and strategy.
Identify market trends.
Identify business models and pricing models.
Work with cross-functional teams to develop revenue forecasts.
Review revenue and sales forecasts.
Develop ad-hoc reports to answer business questions.
Analysis of brands and market positioning.
Develop clear, communicable and actionable information from complex data environments.
Identify catalysts such as changes to regulations, technology or consumer behavior.
Develop presentations.
Visual communication of data.
Calculate financial and business metrics e.g. market share.
Conduct interviews and focus groups.
Conduct customer experience sampling.
Conduct qualitative and quantitative research.
Work with stakeholders to develop problem definitions.
Leverage primary data such as databases.
Analysis of qualitative information from interviews, feedback, reviews and focus groups.
Reporting findings and recommendations to executives.
Manage subscriptions to 3rd party data platforms / research reports.
Concept testing e.g. product concepts.
Build dashboards and automated reports.
Conduct market performance assessments.
Facilitate information sharing across teams.
Develop audience measurements and metrics.
Identify, model and measure target markets such as total addressable market.
Contribute to the design of business experiments and prototypes.

Market Research

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