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7 Types of Rollout

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A rollout is the release of a new product, service or feature. Rollouts can be complex and failure prone as they may require an extensive marketing campaign and changes that impact sales, marketing, distribution partners and operations. These risks can be reduced by breaking rollouts into phases. The following are common types of rollout.

Big Bang

A big bang rollout is a large scale change to an organization that occurs as a one time "cut over." This tends to be high risk but is common nonetheless.


An incremental rollout by location. For example, a service might be released in a single city as a pilot. This identifies problems before a larger release.

Distribution Channels

Rolling out products on a single distribution channel first. For example, an insurance company sells a new product on its website before rolling out to sales partners.

Existing Customers

Offering a new product to existing customers such as lead users first.


Launching the product to employees first. For example, a retail location may open for one day with special pricing for staff and their families as a dry run for a grand opening.


Releasing a product or service at an event such as a conference or concert. This can be used to generate publicity and to measure reaction. For example, it is common for fashion designs to be released at a fashion week.


An invitation-only rollout can minimize the scale of a rollout and also generate demand as customers may be curious what they are missing. Works best if your products have many fans.
Overview: Rollout
The release of a new product, service or feature.
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