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4 Types of Unsought Product

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An unsought product is a product that is difficult to sell because it has no demand. Most products have a regular stream of demand as customers are familiar with them and they fulfill customer needs. Unsought products have little or no demand as customers don't know about them or have no desire to buy them. The following are common types of unsought product.


Products such as a disaster preparation kit that people only buy to mitigate risk. These products can be difficult to sell but then suddenly be in high demand due to a disaster or changes in risk perception.


Things that people only buy when something bad happens such as a coffin.


A product that is an order of magnitude better than alternatives on the market that is initially difficult to sell because people are unfamiliar with it. Typically demand picks up as people gain appreciation for its value and word spreads.

False Innovation

A product that designers believe is innovative that doesn't truly improve on existing designs. Such a product has no natural demand and lacks a feasible value proposition. As such, it is extremely difficult to sell.
Overview: Unsought Product
A product that is difficult to sell because it has little or no demand.
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