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12 Types of Primary Data

Primary data is source data that you have collected yourself. This can be contrasted with computed data that has undergone significant processing and secondary data that you have obtained from an outside source. The following are the basic types of primary data.


Data from a sensor such as a camera or thermometer.


Measurements from an instrument such as a ruler or scale.


Data obtained through objective human observation. For example, a researcher who notes that a plant looks wilted.


Interviews with people regarding their experiences, opinions, perceptions and needs. For example, a ski resort that interviews customers on exit to determine elements of their customer experience that can be improved.


Asking people a set of questions, often in a multiple choice or rating scale format. This is easier to convert to data than an interview but is often less open-ended.


A procedure that is designed to test a hypothesis in a systematic and controlled fashion. For example, a farmer who tests a hypothesis that watering corn at dusk leads to higher yield against a positive control of watering at dawn.

User Input

User input such as a click or hover over a television show on the user interface for a video streaming service.


Transactions such as a digital rental of a film on a video streaming service.

Process Data

Data that originates with business processes. For example, timing data for each unit as it passes through the workstations in a production line.

Geographical Data

The geographical location of an entity such as a machine or person at a point in time.

Machine Data

Data regarding the internal state of a machine. For example, data that indicates brakes were applied on a vehicle at a particular intersection.

Event Data

Information triggered by an event such as a person ringing a door bell or email arriving in an inbox.
Overview: Primary Data
Unprocessed data that has been directly collected.
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