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5 Examples of a Status Report

A status report is a communication of the current state of a program, project, initiative, process or business function. This is typically designed to fit on a single page with color temperature used to communicate status using red, yellow and green. The following are illustrative examples of a status report.

Project Status

A project status report communicates budget, schedule, issue and risk information for a project. This may include the status of individual milestones and a list of issues. Depending on the audience, a project status may stretch several pages with issues and milestones fully listed. Alternatively, it may be an executive overview with a single paragraph of text and a few status lights.

Program Status

A program is an ongoing series of interrelated projects, processes and initiatives. Despite the greater complexity of programs, a program status report is often shorter than a project status report due to its executive audience. A common format is a single status light at the program level with a separate light for each inflight project.

Task Status

A task status report is a communication of the state of tasks that are related in some way. For example, the tasks assigned to a team or associated with an initiative. A task status report is a list of tasks and issues with details at the line item level that include status, responsibilities and target dates.

Team Status

A team status report is a document or dashboard that captures the current workload, accomplishments and challenges of a team. This is typically used to communicate with stakeholders and to organize work within the team.

Business Status

A business status report indicates the operational status of a business or business unit. This can be a realtime dashboard or a regular communication that captures any outages or issues with business operations.
Overview: Status Report
A communication of the current state of a program, project, initiative, process or business function.
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