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17 Types of Serviceability

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Serviceability is how easy it is to support a product, service, tool, infrastructure component, machine or facility. The following are common elements of serviceability.


The ease with which software or equipment can be installed.


The process of configuring items and managing configuration.

Preventive Maintenance

The process of maintaining items to prevent them from breaking.


Administration of items such as granting authorizations.


The process of fixing an item when its broken.

Health & Safety

The safety precautions required to repair an item.


The process of keeping an item up-to-date. For example, security patches for software.

Interchangeable Parts

Parts that can be swapped out when they are broken.


Features such as standard interfaces that allow an item to be extended with new functionality.

Incidents & Problems

The process of troubleshooting issues and fixing problems.

Vendor Support

Support from the organization that designed and/or manufactured an item.


Legal terms that allow you to do what you need to do to support an item. For example, terms that allow you to configure and repair things without voiding a warranty.


Features that allow you to monitor items for performance and issues.

Audit Trail

Logs that record information to support incident recovery, root cause analysis, audits and investigations.

Support Tools

Tools for installation, configuration, administration, monitoring, troubleshooting and repair.


Support documentation and media such as design documents, administration guides and detailed explanations of error codes.


The process of disposing of an item such as reuse and recycling.
Overview: Serviceability
The cost and risk associated with supporting an item.
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