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4 Types of Tactile Information

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Tactile information is the practice of encoding information that people can interpret with their sense of touch. It is used to provide accessible, safe and engaging designs. The following are common types of tactile information.


A tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired or blind. It can be printed on embossed surfaces or displayed on an electronic braille display.

Tactile Paving

Systems of ground surface indicators placed on footpaths, stairs, train platforms and other pedestrian areas that can be interpreted using a cane. For example, tactile paving is commonly used to delimit the edge of a train platform. Although tactile paving is primarily intended for use by the blind in may also assist all people as it can be felt through shoes and becomes a familiar feature of dangerous edges.

Tactile Controls

Controls such as buttons that have a 3D feel to them. Tactile controls are a basic element of universal design as they tend to be easier for everyone to use. For example, typing on a 3d keyboard with a feel to it tends to be faster than a flat screen keypad.


Haptics are user interfaces and communications that provide feedback to users with force, vibrations and motions that the user can feel. For example, a rumble strip in the center of a highway that warns drivers when they are crossing the center line with strong vibrations.
Overview: Tactile Information
Information that people can interpret with their sense of touch.
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