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Qualitative vs Quantitative

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Qualitative is a term for information that results from human observation and analysis. The term quantitative denotes information that can be directly measured with numbers.

Qualitative Example

A movie review is a good example of qualitative information. A review may discuss aesthetics, emotions, structure, culture, technique and character development. These are all concepts that are difficult to put into a number. The review may also include a numerical rating of the movie. Although this is a number, it is still considered qualitative because it results from human judgement.

Quantitative Example

Quantitative information includes things like dollar amounts and physical measurements. The quantitative information about a movie includes its budget, running time and release date.
Overview: Qualitative vs Quantitative
Qualitative Definition
Information that results from human observation and analysis.
Quantitative Definition
Information that is directly measured as a number.
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