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5 Examples of Diagnostic Data

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Diagnostic data is data that is automatically recorded by infrastructure, vehicles, machines, software and devices for the purposes of troubleshooting problems. It tends to be large and uninteresting, unless you're trying to debug a problem and need to know exactly what occurred at a point in time. The following are illustrative examples of diagnostic data.


A solar panel system sends nightly diagnostic reports to a maintenance system that analyses them for problems. For example, solar cells that are broken will show up in the report potentially leading the maintenance company to replace a module.


A jet engine sends diagnostic reports to operational databases that can be used by maintenance teams to troubleshoot things such as a noise heard from the engine during a flight.


A banking website maintains error and access logs that can be used to troubleshoot incidents.


A web browser sends error reports to a centralized server that can be used by developers to investigate reported problems. Users may be asked to approve such uploads as they can potentially contain private data such as what websites you visit.


Devices such as mobile phones may transfer error and usage data to a centralized repository that is used to identify and fix bugs. It is usually possible to use data anonymization techniques to protect the privacy of users.
Overview: Diagnostic Data
Data that is automatically recorded by infrastructure, vehicles, machines, software and devices for the purposes of troubleshooting.
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