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5 Examples of Feature Creep

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Feature creep is the addition of excessive features to a product or service such that new features make the product less valuable to customers. In some cases it occurs simply because teams are expected to come up with ideas for improving the sales of a product. When too many ideas flow into a product design, the overall design may become bloated and nonsensical. The following are illustrative examples.


A car navigation system includes features that few drivers use. The features are included in menus such that they are complex with small touch areas that are difficult to use while driving.


A software company feels compelled to keep up with technology trends. They implement a cloud service architecture for software that makes more sense as a locally installed executable. Customers see the new platform as a headache for compliance and information security as it moves sensitive data around.


The interior design for a condominium project includes features from multiple stakeholders with different ideas. The resulting units have an odd mix of features that lack a cohesive theme or purpose.

Business Functions

A product team at a telecom company launch their own marketing website. They add self service features that begin to compete with the company's customer portal. Customers start to complain that they need to log on to multiple sites to manage their services.


An organic shampoo goes wild with its formulation by adding every essential oil and healthy sounding ingredient the product development team can imagine. The resulting product has 42 ingredients when 7 might have sufficed. They start to receive customer reports that the product is irritating to the skin. The quality assurance team has great difficulty determining what combination of ingredients might be causing the problem.
Overview: Feature Creep
The addition of excessive features to a product or service such that new features make the product less valuable to customers.
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