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Customer Experience
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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Experience
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15 Types of Customer Marketing

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Customer marketing is the process of marketing to your existing customers. This has two primary goals: customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value. Customer satisfaction is the process of meeting customer needs and impressing them with your customer experience. Customer lifetime value is the process of leveraging relationships to improve revenue. The following are common types of customer marketing.

Brand Loyalty

Developing brands that customers view as part of their lifestyle, culture, identity or routine.

Customer Relationships

Business relationships with customers such as a salesperson who connects with customers once in a while.

Customer Experience

Improving the quality of everything customers notice including intangible elements such as the decor of a hotel lobby.

Customer Journey

Looking at customer experiences as an end-to-end sequence of interactions with each being a chance to impress and a risk of disappointment.

Loyalty Programs

Programs that reward customers for loyalty with status, valuable points, upgrades or gifts.

Product Management

Developing and managing products to achieve customer satisfaction goals. For example, offering support for a legacy product that customer's still need.

Lead Users

Engaging customers in product development. Customers that are pushing your products to their limits may hold the key to product innovation.

Customer Service

Customer service is a common source of customer satisfaction shifts. For example, handling a customer complaint well may boost loyalty significantly.

Customer Advocates

Paying employees to represent customer interests as opposed to the interests of your firm.


Measuring and benchmarking customer satisfaction metrics against the competition.

References, Leads & Referrals

Leveraging customers as a source of new customers with references, leads, referrals and word-of-mouth.


Marketing and sales efforts aimed at reducing churn such as a renewal promotion.


Selling different products and services to existing customers. This can begin with product development as products can be designed specifically for existing customers.


Selling upgraded services, quality, functions, features, performance and capacity.

Premium Pricing

In many cases, loyal customers are willing to pay more than a new customer. For example, a fashion brand may find that brand loyal customers often purchase their new products before anything goes on sale each season.
Overview: Customer Marketing
Definition (1)
The process of marketing to your existing customers.
Definition (2)
The process of improving customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.
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