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4 Examples of an Opportunity Study

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An opportunity study is the earliest phase of a project that seeks to discover and validate a project concept and scope. This occurs in the initiation phase before detailed requirements gathering and feasibility studies. The following are illustrative examples of an opportunity study.


A property developer is considering constructing a condominium near a university campus. The developer has heard the university has a housing shortage and that many students are commuting a considerable distance. Before taking the project further, the developer wants to do some market research to understand if demand really exists for student apartments close to campus.

Information Technology

A mid-sized firm has a culture of storing documents on local machines and emailing them to circulate information. This leaves knowledge isolated and unsearchable. The firm has also experienced several security issues whereby internal documents have accidentally been emailed to outside domain names. They would like to fix this with an inexpensive open source document management system. Before commencing the project, stakeholders want a ballpark estimate and an overview of the tools available on the market.

Product Development

A beverage company is considering developing a non-alcoholic beer. They have no experience in this field. A business analyst is asked to put together a basic business plan that scopes out the market opportunity, required capital investment and risks.

Public Services

A chemical company goes out of business leaving a city in the possession of a large brownfield site. Several community groups have suggested projects for the site including a natural reserve, park, sports facility and a mixed-use development. The city funds an opportunity study to request and evaluate these proposals. The study will also include an environmental assessment of the site.
Overview: Opportunity Study
The earliest phase of a project that seeks to discover and validate a project concept and scope.
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