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30 Examples of Progress Goals

Progress goals are plans to achieve meaningful steps towards end-goals. In many cases, these are designed to be SMART such that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Progress goals are the rule as opposed to the exception. For example, a student may have an end-goal of graduating that maps to hundreds of progress goals such as passing a particular exam. The following are illustrative examples of a progress goal.
Completing a module of code.
Completing an action item.
Delivering work products for a project.
Developing a plan.
Making a decision and documenting a decision rationale.
Developing a strategy.
Developing a business plan.
Organizing an event.
Cutting a cost.
Gaining budget approval.
Developing a report.
Measuring a business process.
Delivering a presentation.
Delivering a speech at a conference.
Reaching a milestone in a project.
Completing the requirements for a project.
Completing an assignment.
Passing an exam or professional certification.
Completing training.
Delivering a document.
Performing a business experiment.
Constructing something.
Building a prototype.
Closing a sale.
Saving some money.
Conducting a meeting that achieves its objectives.
Negotiating a contract.
Solving a problem.
Resolving a dispute.
Performing analysis or research.
Progress goals are better known as objectives.


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