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Functional vs Non-Functional

 , June 02, 2018
The term functional relates to the way something works or operates. Non-functional relates to the quality and resilience of something. The following are illustrative examples.


A product function is how a product satisfies customer needs. Non-functional aspects of a product define its quality. For example, a bicycle may have a bell that functions as a safety device to make your presence known to pedestrians and other bicyclists. Non-functional aspects of a bicycle include the durability of its tires such as tires likely to last 5,000 miles.


The functions of the front desk in a hotel includes processes and procedures such as a check-in process. Non-functional elements include the professionalism of employees, the speed of the service and the visual appeal of the front lobby.

Information Technology

A function of a software application is something a user can accomplish with the tool such as the the ability to calculate a business metric. Non-functional characteristics of software are quality considerations such as the usability, learnability, maintainability, reliability and availability.
Functional vs Non-Functional
DefinitionRelating to use and operation.Relating to quality and resilience.


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