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40 Strategy Skills

Strategy skills are talents that allow an individual to efficiently develop and implement strategies that produce results. This includes strategic thinking and organizational skills that allow an individual to navigate politics, competition and constraints. The following are common examples of strategy skills.
Brand Analysis
Budget Planning
Business Analysis
Business Cases
Business Experiments
Business Plans
Capability Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Critical Thinking
Customer Analysis
Customer Journey
Data Analysis
Decision Making
Design Thinking
Feasibility Analysis
Financial Analysis
First Principles
Gap Analysis
Goal Planning
Market Research
Metrics & Reporting
Operations Analysis
Problem Solving
Requirements Analysis
Research & Development
Risk Analysis
Scenario Planning
Statistical Analysis
Strategic Analysis
Strategic Planning
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Vision
Systems Thinking
Tactical Planning

Strategic Planning

This is the complete list of articles we have written about strategic planning.
Base Case
Budget Planning
Business Models
Business Planning
Capability Analysis
Change Drivers
Competitive Factors
Economic Moat
External Factors
Goal Setting
Market Analysis
Organizational Goals
Organizational Planning
Organizational Strategy
PESTEL Analysis
Scenario Planning
Strategic Analysis
Strategic Control
Strategic Direction
Strategic Drivers
Strategic Outcomes
Strategic Priorities
Strategic Vision
Strategy Development
Strategy Monitoring
Technology Factors
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