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11 Examples of Scenario Planning

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Scenario planning is a plan for tactical responses to likely future situations. Tactics are actions that are taken in response to opportunities or threats as they arise. In most cases, tactics are evaluated on an ongoing basis as factors such as markets conditions change. Scenario planning is the practice of planning tactical actions in advance as part of strategic planning. The following are basic examples of what's involved.

Focal Issue

The problem space where you will investigate scenarios.

Information Gathering

Researching the focal point regarding what type of scenarios to expect.

PESTLE Analysis

Identify political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment drivers of change.

Identify Scenarios

Brainstorm scenarios or use historical scenarios to identify likely future scenarios.

Assess Scenarios

Analyze scenarios to determine their probability, impact and properties.

Prioritize Scenarios

Determine which scenarios you will plan to handle.

Scenario Plans

Identify how each scenario will be handled.

Scenario Preparation

Prepare for scenarios with training, systems, facilities, equipment and supplies.

Monitor & Implement

Monitor for scenarios and implement scenario plans when they occur.

Risk Management

Scenario planning is closely tied to risk management that works to mitigate and avoid negative scenarios.

Review & Improve

Continuously review and update scenarios as things change.
Overview: Scenario Planning
Planning responses to potential opportunities and threats.
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