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What is Design Minimalism?

 , August 10, 2016
Mimimalism is a design philosophy that seeks to eliminate all that is "unnecessary." It springs from ancient origins, particularly Buddhist traditions, and can be seen in traditional art such as Japanese dry landscape gardens. Mimimalism was commonly embraced as a design philosophy by modern designers in the period 1950-2010.
As a modern design philosophy, minimalism is associated with a lack of ornamentation and a focus on function. For example, minimalist architecture often results in exposed concrete buildings with white rooms.
Postmodern design typically views minimalism as dehumanized, unimaginative or simply boring. This is summed up in the contrary design philosophy less is a bore. In a world full of commodity products and plain concrete infrastructure, making everything as reduced as possible can be seen as unappealing.
Overview: Minimalism
DefinitionEliminating all that is unnecessary to make things as plain as possible.
Associated WithModern Architecture
High Modernism
Truth To Materials
Less Is More
Form Follows Function
Brutalist Architecture
Contrary Design PhilosophiesPostmodern Architecture
Less Is A Bore


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