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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience
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14 Types of Customer Convenience

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Customer convenience is any element of customer experience that saves the customer time and effort. It is common for products, services, environments and processes to be designed to offer customer convenience. Customers are often strongly motivated to save time and effort. As such, business models centered around providing convenience are remarkably common. The following are common types of customer convenience.


Products and services that are close to the customer when needed. For example, a magazine shop at an airport.


Items that are easy to carry around such as a mobile phone.


Customer experiences that save time as compared to traditional alternatives. For example, a precooked meal that simply needs to be heated in a microwave.


Things that are easy to use such as an ecommerce site with one-click ordering.


Packaging that is easy to open, reseal and reuse. Things in single portion packages may save the customer effort.


Delivering items to the customer's location.


Doing things at a time that is convenient for the customer. Such as a home repair contractor that schedules precise appointments.


A machine or information technology that does work for the customer. For example, a dishwasher that saves part of the effort of washing dishes.


Setting reasonable defaults for configuration options. For example, an air conditioner that automatically defaults to auto mode at a popular temperature.


An easy way to customize things such as an air conditioner with clear and powerful menus that give users control over the unit.


Doing work for the customer such as walking their dog.


Managing processes for the customer such as a vacation package where everything is orchestrated including transportation, accommodation, meals, activities and entertainment.

Self-service & Personal Attention

Some customers will find self-service tools to be convenient and others will find personalized attention from your staff to be more convenient. Generally speaking, asking the customer to jump through technical steps such as installing an app isn't at all convenient.


Remembering the customer's preferences. For example, you ask a hotel for firm pillows once and they automatically have firm pillows ready in your room with every stay afterwards.
Overview: Customer Convenience
Any element of customer experience that saves the customer time and effort.
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