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6 Types of Product Involvement

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Product involvement is the degree to which a consumer is engaged with a product category. It is a common marketing consideration that has implications for targeting and tailoring promotional messages. The following are common types of product involvement.


A consumer who is passionate about a product category such as a fashion enthusiast who spends several hours a week reading fashion blogs.


A consumer who is familiar with concepts and terms related to the product. For example, a car enthusiast who understands engine specifications.


A consumer who notices marketing messages in a particular category. People commonly filter out promotional messages but may notice ads in a particular category of interest. For example, a consumer who misses 95% of advertisements but catches 98% of advertisements about shoes.

Customer Needs

A consumer who is highly involved in a product category out of need. For example, a person who has diabetes who tends to notice advertising for non-sugar snacks.

Situational & Transactional

A consumer may be highly involved in a product category for a short period of time due to a temporary interest or need. This often occurs within the context of research for a transaction such as a consumer who intensely researches solar panels for a week before making a purchase.


A consumer who often researches a product category but rarely or never makes a purchase due to budget constraints.
Overview: Product Involvement
The degree to which a consumer is engaged with a product category
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