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7 Examples of a Single Point Of Contact

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Single point of contact is a person or team that handles all requests for a particular organization, department, service, location, project, business function, concern or event. The following are illustrative examples.

Customer Service

An ecommerce company offers customer service through multiple channels including telephone, a website and a mobile app. The channels are interfaces to a single customer service team. Anything the customer requires can be handled through the customer's preferred channel including orders, order inquiries, shipping inquiries, returns and complaints.


A department store offers a customer service department for any customer inquires.

Service Desk

An IT department offers a service desk that can handle any service support request. IT inquiries, problems, administrative requests or security concerns can be handled through a single phone number or website.


A project manager acts as a single point of contact for any concerns or inquiries about a project.

Public Services

A state provides a health referral service for anyone who has a health related question or wants to see a doctor. The service publishes a single phone number.

Business Functions

The financial auditor for a company publishes a contact email for anyone who has a question or who would like to report questionable practices.


An industry event sets up a service desk for registrations and to handle any inquiries from vendors or attendees.
Overview: Single Point Of Contact
A person or team that handles all requests related to a particular organization, department, service, project, business function or concern.
Single point of contact refers to a single entity that can be contacted as opposed to a single channel of contact. It is common for a single point of contact to offer multiple contact details including a phone number, email, website, app and physical locations such as service desks.
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