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18 Examples of Marketing Operations

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Marketing operations is the management of the core marketing processes of an organization. This focuses on technology, processes, projects and alignment of business functions and units. The exact nature of marketing operations work differs greatly from one industry to the next. The following are illustrative examples of marketing operations functions.


Administering business processes using systems and sponsoring improvements to technology. For example, managing leads and opportunities in a sales force automation tool and sponsoring projects to automate this work.


Developing, orchestrating and improving marketing processes. For example, a process of competitive intelligence and pricing at an ecommerce firm that makes sure prices are competitive with major retailers.

Data Management

Data management and governance functions such as a marketing operations team that assesses the quality of contact data entered by sales teams to identify and escalate data quality issues.


Measuring marketing efforts with management accounting and marketing metrics and communicating this information with regular reports.


Developing marketing forecasts such as sales volume forecasts.

Sales & Operations Planning

Sales and operations planning is the alignment of production with marketing efforts such as promotion.

Market Research

Developing an understanding of customers, competition and other factors such as technological and political change. For example, developing target audiences for a marketing campaign.

Campaign Operations

Implementing a marketing campaign such as a sales event.


Executing a go-to-market strategy such as the launch of a new service.

Product Development

It is common for marketing operations to offer project management services to business units for efforts such as product development and launch.

Sales Operations

The orchestration and improvement of sales processes such as lead generation and qualification.


Designing and administering elements of sales compensation such as incentives programs.

Training & Development

Providing training to teams such as business units or sales in areas such as technologies, processes and practices.

Media Operations

Overseeing the production and delivery of media such as promotional videos, content and information.

Vendor Management

Managing partners such as providers of marketing systems and digital advertising platforms.

Contract Management

Managing contracts with partners in areas such as technology, advertising, promotion, distribution and sales.

Change Management

The practice of leading change. Marketing operations often plays an alignment role between marketing, sales and business operations teams to drive change to systems, processes and practices.

Retail Operations

Managing geographically distributed business processes such as logistics, retail locations and product showrooms.
Overview: Marketing Operations
The management of the core marketing processes of an organization.
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