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5 Examples of Brand Aversion

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Brand aversion is when a customer actively avoids a particular brand. This is essentially the opposite of brand loyalty. The following are illustrative examples.


A single poor experience such as an out of the box failure may cause a customer to actively avoid a brand for life.

Product Preferences

A customer who is health-conscious may avoid a food brand they perceive as having unhealthy ingredients.


A customer may associate a brand with corporate practices that don't align with the customer's values.

Word of Mouth

Customers commonly avoid brands when they have heard something bad about it from friends or media sources.

Brand Image

In some cases, a customer is brand adverse simply due to their perceptions of brand image. For example, a customer who prefers low-key fashions may avoid a brand they perceive as status-seeking.
Overview: Brand Aversion
When a customer actively avoids a particular brand.
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