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13 Examples of Post-Sales

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Post-sales is a collection of processes that occur after closing a sale with a customer. These include sales, marketing and operational processes that deliver your obligations to the customer and build upon the customer relationship. The following are common elements of the post-sales process.

Order Fulfillment

Delivering products and/or activating services. In many cases, a salesperson acts as a single point of contact for order delivery.

Billing & Collections

Billing the customer for orders and collecting revenue.

Cancellation & Changes

The process of configuring, changing or canceling an order. In many cases, a customer has a right to cancel an order for a period of time after a sale is completed. This is a delicate time that requires careful relationship management.


Processing return requests and the reverse logistics required to accept a return.


Handling customer complaints including feedback that flows to you and posts to review sites and social media. For example, a fashion company that offers to replace a shirt for free with a different size when a customer complains in a review that the shirt doesn't fit. The customer will then be likely to update their review to indicate they received a more satisfactory item.


Providing support to help the customer get the most out of their purchase. This may include a number a customer can call and a website that provides information and tools.

Service Delivery

The day-do-day process of delivering a service. For example, the process of providing a software platform for customers.

Incident Management

Incident management is a component of service delivery that involves investigating and resolving issues with a service. It is common for salespeople to be involved in this process for high value accounts. For example, a business customer that is playing a million dollars a month to a telecom provider will expect their sales representative to be on top of any problems with the service.

Relationship Management

The general process of building and sustaining the relationship with the customer. For example, a salesperson who calls a customer to offer them tickets to an industry conference to build out a relationship.

Upselling & Cross Selling

The ongoing process of convincing a customer to upgrade or make new purchases.

Customer Referrals

Encouraging satisfied customers to refer business to you such as parent companies, sister companies, partners, friends and family.

Maintenance & Supplies

The delivery of maintenance services and supplies.


Helping a customer deal with the end-of-support and end-of-life of products and services.


The following are common post-sales activities.


From the perspective of the customer, their purchase is the very beginning of their relationship with your firm. If salespeople disappear at this time, it can leave a bad impression. As such, it is common for firms to assign the post-sales relationship to the salesperson who closed the sale.
Definition: Post-Sales
A collection of sales, marketing and operations processes that occur after closing a sale with a customer.
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