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19 Examples of Presales

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Presales is the process of providing the customer and sales teams with product solutions and support before a deal is closed. This involves acting as the product, industry and technical expert in sales engagements with customers. Additionally, presales may develop sales collaterals, market research and other preparations for future sales opportunities. The following are common examples of presales.
Advocate for the customer by taking customer feedback to product development teams.
Architect / design proposed solutions for customers.
Attend conferences and events to gather industry intelligence.
Conduct competitive analysis.
Conduct market research.
Conduct product demos.
Craft sales collaterals.
Develop and improve sales processes.
Develop opportunity-level bid-to-win strategies.
Develop prototypes and feasibility demonstrations.
Identify customer needs and how products can meet these needs.
Inform customers about industry practices and trends.
Prepare sales presentations.
Provide product support to sales.
Push product development / business units to include key customer demands in product roadmap.
Support sales to answer customer questions.
Support the development of proposals and bids.
Work with customers to discover their requirements/needs.


The term presales has a variety of meanings depending on the industry as follows:
1. Presales is a common term for early sales processes such as developing and qualifying leads, discovering customer needs and preparing RFPs.
2. Presales is occasionally used as a term for sales operations that support sales processes throughout the entire sales cycle.
3. As a product development term, presales refers to early releases of new products to key customers, influencers or fans of your brand. This is done to acquire feedback and to harden product testing.
4. In real estate, presales refers to the practice of selling properties before they are fully constructed.
Overview: Presales
The process of providing the customer and sales teams with product solutions and support before a deal is closed.
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