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12 Examples of a Satellite Office

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A satellite office is a relatively small office that acts as an extension of a main office. The following are common types of satellite office.


An office for a department or team. For example, an office for a firm's IT department.

Cost Saving

An office that is selected to reduce office costs. For example, a bank located in a financial district that relocates back office teams to less expensive real estate. In some cases, this shifts some costs to employees who may have a longer commute.


An office that is leased simply because there is no room for growth at the main office.


A small office that is designed to support employee mobility. For example, an office downtown when your main office is in the suburbs. This can make employees more efficient by reducing commuting time when an employee has meetings downtown.

Quality of Life

Satellite offices may be designed to increase employee quality of life by reducing average commuting times. In many cases, employees view an office close to their home or in an attractive neighborhood as a major perk.


Satellite offices can reduce energy consumption by reducing commute times and allowing employees to walk or bike to work.


Structuring office space into multiple locations tends to make a firm more resilient to stresses such as disasters. Each location can be designed to act as a backup. For example, computing equipment, data and services can be mirrored at multiple locations using satellite offices.

Regional Offices

An office that supports a region in areas such as sales, distribution and operations. Regional offices are often referred to as branch offices.

Temporary Office

An office that is leased or rented for less than a year. For example, an office that is leased for a project, industry event or to relocate staff during a disruption to an office such as construction.

Customer Experience

Offices that are visited by customers may be located in multiple locations to improve customer experience. For example, a training company with several locations designed to minimum customer travel times.

Status Locations

Offices in high status locations that are used as a corporate address to impress stakeholders such as investors and customers. In some cases, the official headquarters of a firm is smaller than its other offices but is located at a more prestigious address. This is most common in industries with brands that depend on social status such as the fashion industry.


Camping is a sales strategy that involves establishing locations that are physically close to customers. Generally speaking, it is better if your sales team go to the same lunch spots, restaurants and entertainment venues as your customers. For example, a software firm that sells to banks may maintain small offices in major financial districts.
Overview: Satellite Office
A relatively small office that acts as an extension of a main office.
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